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Livingstone Security Solutions
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Attacks are increasingly carried out against "soft targets" such as schools, public gatherings, sporting events, amusement parks, work places, and yes, even our places of worship.  Many of these potential targets have already taken steps to be less prone to attack and more prepared should an attack take place.  Is your church, school, or workplace one of them?

For churches who already have safety teams or are considering them, Livingstone Security Solutions provides an array of training options from basic to advanced tactics, forming and vetting security teams, and maintaining qualifications.  For churches, schools, and employers considering unarmed options, we offer staff training in threat awareness, "stop the bleed", and effective site assessments to deter violence.

You have many options when it comes to safety training.  Here at Livingstone, we believe that every aspect of training should be viewed through the lens of the Bible, employing Christian principles and a faith-based Christ honoring world view.  In this way, we can truly embody the teaching of Matthew 10:16.

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